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Handbags Speak: What do They Really Tell About You

cheap desinger handbagsYour clothes, the fashion accessories that you wear and the shoes that you sport are all part of your wardrobe and we all know for a fact that everything that you wear is an extension of your personality and a reflection of your taste in fashion. It is quite unfortunate that there are still a lot of women who, when it comes to purchasing designer bags and othertrendy bags, still do not really understand that what they are purchasing will say a lot on the image they want or are trying to represent.

Some women are still guilty of just jumping over the first bag that catches their attention without even having to examine it closely if it will look good on them in the first place. Others just go for the first set of handbags that they see being carried by their friends while others simply and automatically go for the cheapest ones. Well, there is really nothing wrong with going for what costs less especially if you are running on a tight budget but you still need to see if the bag will look good on you or not.

So how much do our handbags really say about us, whether they are the expensive designer bags, the latest trendy bags or the cheap replicas being sold online? Sometimes, our bags say more about ourselves than the clothes that we wear, especially since they carry all our valuables which we take wherever we go. But to get things in their proper perspective, let us look at some of the different types of women and the types of bags that fit their personality.

  • For the professional woman – for the work-oriented and goal-oriented woman, bags that will work for you are the classic ones instead of the fashion bags. Go for a classic looking tote and also the ones that come with rolled handles and flap enclosures to give you that serious corporate look.
  • For the bubbly and outgoing woman –go for something like a Dreamer Tote that bears fun colors like pink, yellow or even chocolate. You can also for something that mixes different fun colors and some bold theatrics. There are a lot of stylish bags out there you can choose from.
  • For the classic woman with a classic taste – no better choice than to go for classics that come in embossed leather, patent leather, or even braided leather. Also, go for the ones that have added shine using silver accents.
  • For the woman with the creative mind – a good pick for you would be something like Fendi’s Palazzo bag that also comes with double shoulder straps. Trust us, you will look fab carrying this.

 Another important aspect that says a lot are the sizes of the bags that you pick. Since we all know that there are practically over a hundred different handbags to choose from out there, it is important to pick the ones that will live up to what your lifestyle demands. If you are used to carrying lots of items, even the big ones regularly, then you can opt for larger trendy bags.


How to Clean your Cheap Designer Purses Properly

Nowadays, designer handbags and purses are no longer viewed as just fashion accessories, they are also viewed as investments as well. Considering the amount of serious money that they pay just to enjoy the fine leather, the elegant feel and stylish designs, designer bags really are excellent investments as their value never really go down even after decades.

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But for women who do not have that much money to burn on these luxury items even we buy it as wholesale from china, visit for cheap designer purses and handbags are made available online through websites that offer high quality replicas of the top designer handbags. It really doesn’t matter if you are carrying originals or replicas, as long as they look fashionable on you, then all is good. But that is exactly the point, you should keep them in their most fashionable condition, good enough to be the envy of others.

Unfortunately, there are still a lot of women who do not know how to clean their handbags properly. So here are four simple steps in cleaning your bags and keeping their stunning appeal, good enough for the long run.

4 Simple steps to having your cheap designer purses in their best look

Step 1: Take out every single stuff that you have inside your bags and be sure to shake the bags upside down in order to empty in completely, including the trash that might have stuck on the sides and internal linings. Take a soft whisk brush and brush off all the dust and dirt in all corners of the interior and exterior portions.

Step 2: Take a clean cloth and damp it with some warm water and a little bit of some mild detergent then wring it and prepare for wiping. Wipe the lining of your inexpensive purses and do some gentle dabbing on the stains and spots that you see. Let the interior portion of your bags to dry up completely for about 45 minutes before going to the exterior part.

Step3: In cleaning the outer part of your bags, just wipe them in a gentle manner using a clean and soft cloth that is dampened slightly. After allowing it to air dry for a few minutes, you can then follow it up by applying a small amount of leather cleaner using a different soft cloth then wipe away your bags and purses clean. Remember to always go along the grain of the material in order to avoid scratching the surface and just allow your designer purses and bags to air dry for about 15 minutes or so.

Step4:  To complete the cleaning process, take another clean and soft cloth and put some leather moisturizer on it and apply to your purses using a circular motion. Make sure that you spread the moisturizer evenly on the exterior part of your bags, never missing a spot. Focus on the trims and seams as the moisturizer might buildup on those areas. For cases where excess of the moisturizer can be found, just wipe them off using another soft cloth then finish it up by buffing the portion gently, again using another clean and soft cloth.